What should I wear? 

You should wear comfortable clothing which allows you to move freely but won't spill down over your face.


What should I expect? 

Expect to move, breath and relax! Don't expect it to be easy! Sometimes the movement can be challenging for people and sometimes the breathing exercises can be challenging. 


Do I need to bring anything? 

Please bring a yoga mat, blanket and some warm clothes for the final relaxation. You may also like to bring a bottle of water.


Will the equipment be provided?

Yoga mats are not provided. Mats will be available for purchase at class for £12 or you can bring your own. I will provide all other props.


What is Vinyasa Flow yoga? 

'Vinyasa' means 'to place in an intelligent way'. Vinyasa flow yoga is a style of yoga which does not have a specific guru attached to it - which means that the teacher has more freedom to plan intelligently sequenced classes rather than following a specific sequence of poses as designated by the guru. Vinyasa flow incorporates lots of flowing movement and breathwork. 


Is yoga religious? 

Whilst practicing yoga can be a spiritual experience, it is definitely not religious and has nothing to do with any kind of organised religion.


Can I keep my mobile phone switched on next to me?  

All mobiles phones must be switched off during the class to respect your fellow students and preserve the focus of the class. 


What if I have a long standing injury or chronic condition, can I still do yoga?  If you have a long standing injury and your Doctor is happy for you to do yoga then please feel free to join. Yoga can be very benificial for many types of chronic pain. Please ensure you contact me before hand to advise of your circumstances so that I can accommodate you in class. 


Can I eat before a yoga class? Please try to ensure that you do not eat for at least 2 hours before a yoga class. If you have a medical condition that means you have to eat, please eat easily digestible foods (fruit/yoghurt) one hour before class.


What if I am late? Please make every effort to arrive a little early for class so that you have time to set your mat up. The class will start promptly and begin with breathwork so late arrivals can disrupt the practice for others. If you are late, please try to be as considerate as possible to your fellow students and slip in quietly!