bliss-out yoga and gong workshop

Sunday 27th 


1 pm - 4pm

Sunday 24th November

1 pm - 4pm

Friday 20th December (Christmasy!)

7pm - 9:30pm

Tickets are £30 per session

Styles Farm, 




TA24 6QN

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Treat yourself to an intimate, immersive experience of gentle yoga, followed by the melodic vibrations of the gong sound bath meditation.


Look forward to fairy lights, my own signature scented candles, snuggly blankets followed by homemade raw chocolate treats and a big hug. 


"Rachel’s yoga and gong sessions are an amazing experience! I travelled from Southampton for a yoga and gong workshop in Somerset and it was like a perfect exhale from busy life. I still felt the beneficial effects for ages afterwards - it was as if someone had pressed my ‘reset’ button and my body and mind felt calm for the first time I could remember. I highly recommend Rachel, she created a beautiful environment for the whole group to enjoy and experience the healing sound and movement" Hilary K

Are you ready for a serious TREAT?!

If you have never experienced yoga or a sound bath before you are in for a serious treat! 

Look forward to moving, breathing and stretching your beautiful body, revelling in the openess and space that it is possible to feel.


Then you will get all snuggly for some restorative yoga poses designed to relax your nervous system and prepare you for the final part of the immersion - the gong bath.


Don't worry, you don't need to bring a towel - it's not that kind of bath! Instead, you will lie back under a blanket with a lavender eye pillow over your eyes as the magic of the gongs coax any last tension in the body to melt and release. The vibrations and harmonic frequencies of the gongs and accompanying instruments will take you on a meditative journey...


Once you have floated back from this amazing state, you can enjoy a delicious and nourishing home made chocolate to bring you back to earth again.

I have called this a Bliss Immersion because that is my humble intention. It's an invitation to drop into that state of blissful relaxation, where we merge with the great unknown both externally and internally.

That state of sublime consciousness where we feel timeless and clear and completely content.

Self-care gets to be a priority for all of us, especially if like is busy and hectic. Let's take time to slow down, to go within and to bathe in our inherent peace.

This could be for you if...

Whenever I create an event like this, I take a lot of time  ask for the right people to come. 

It's not a cliquey thing at all - the right people means, the people who NEED the particular medicine of the session. 

Some people come every month and get something different each time.

Some people will come once, get what they need and I will never see them again. That's just how it works! 

But, always, the right people come because a little voice inside of them just won't let it lie! There is a knowing, a hunger, a need to be there. 

If any of this resonates for you or another, this may be your time: 

  • You are ready to bliss out and invest in deeper self-care

  • You need and desire quality 'me time' to help bring you back into balance.

  • You hunger to feel deeply nurtured. ​

  • You long for a deeper connection to your own spiritual self, soul and Divine experience.

  • You want a deeper connection to the spiritual aspect of your existence, supported soul connection time.

  • You feel like you just  want to hit the reset button. 

  • You are interested in the power of sound to heal. 

  • You are interested in meditation but don't enjoy sitting alone for hours at a time.

  • You are feeling anxious, overwhelmed, exhausted, disconnected, un-grounded or un-centred.

  • You are going through a difficult period in your life and want a safe, loving environment to allow things to release.

  • You feel off kilter somehow but you are not sure how or why. 

  • You used to enjoy taking mind altering substances to expand your consciousness but it's no longer your bag. 

  • You are interested in expanding your consciousness and experiencing altered states of consciousness. 

Now, please don't let the last two put you off if that's not and never has been your cup of tea! Some people will experience altered states of consciousness but others won't and if you don't like that thought, it would be highly unlikely for it to happen to you! But it's fascinating to see how it does take some people on those kinds of big soul and consciousness journeys! 

The yoga and gong experience is not the same for anyone and it has a beautiful knack of giving you the exact medicine that YOU need. 

Equally, the experience is never the same twice! 

This event will be suitable for all levels including complete 



It will be limited to a small number of folks so everyone gets lots of attention and support throughout.