Hey there!


Let's get to know each other...

Welcome to my beautiful crazy world in the depths of rural England.


I'm Rachel - yoga teacher, soul, business and self-love coach, channel and sound worker. 

I live with my husband and two kiddies on a farm, that's right a farm, but it's a farm that makes ice-cream! Fun huh!

I have always been a spiritual creature but I never thought that I could earn my living doing that. It makes me beyond happy to share my love of spirit, wellness and wonder to empower and transform the lives of others. 


Through sound, movement and deep connection to source within, I channel tools and materials to teach and support others on this journey called life. 


I know what it's like to slave away at a job that crushes your soul from the inside out. 


I know what its like to feel completely and desperately lost and hopeless. 


I know the pain of constantly feeling not good enough, too fat, too this and not enough that. 


I know how deeply we long to be connected to something greater than ourselves and how confusing it can be to try to find that. 


I know what it feels like to effortlessly love others but struggle to love ourselves. 

but, and this is a big but, 
(no bum puns intended!).....

I also know what it feels like to fall deeply and madly in love with the beaming reflection in the mirror. 


To love all that you are, the messy, the ugly and the sublimely beautiful. 

To take a stand and claim and create the life that you are truly meant for. 


To make money from being your true authentic self. 


To wake every day feeling so fired up to get to work doing what you love, what you are passionate about. 

To make a tangible difference in people’s lives. 

So, if any of this resonates with your beautiful being, please take a goose-gander at all the beautiful thingsI have created to share with you. 


Breathe deep and love hard.